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"My closet mental hideaway when all else fails! I confess I never put down Everything I've Ever Done that Worked without gleaning some sort of solace or inspiration." Hannah Betts, The Times.

"A priceless collection of reflections, observations and signposts towards a happier and more harmonious life. Wise, practical, elegant, inspiring and genuinely helpful."
Mick Brown, author, The Spiritual Tourist.

"This book is a huge celebration of life and how we can, in simple ways, enrich our days!I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel happier, more fulfilled and increasingly to enjoy the world around them."
Jilly Cooper.

"Superb” The Independent.

"A beautiful collection of short essays which act as a spiritual and emotional first aid kit. Practical, insightful and moving, this book is a perfect gift for anyone looking for inspiration.” The Guardian.

" Lesley Garner has produced the perfect bedside book for those nights when you can’t sleep and it’s too late to call a friend..An inspiring and elegantly written companion.”
You magazine.

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